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Creating a Cozy Home This Fall is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Fall is a fun time to bunker down and get cozy, surrounding yourself with family and friends in a comfortable environment and creating memories along the way. Which is why Jag’s wants to help you with some idea on how you can create cozy, and help you get a jump... Read More

Find a Dining Room Set to Stage the Perfect Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means the chance to gather with friends and family, amidst a feast of your favourite foods, is just minutes away. Choosing the perfect table and chairs combo might be the most difficult part, so we want to narrow down your choices in order... Read More

Why a New Mattress and a Better Life Go Hand-In-Hand

What if we told you you could live a better life with a new mattress from Jag’s? Well, we can and we will – because it’s true! Getting a restful sleep is paramount in the productivity of your day, your health and your overall happiness. Without adequate sleep you are... Read More

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams!

Your bedroom should be equal parts inspiring and tranquil, offering you your own personal space in which to get ready for the day, read your favourite book in the evening, and slumber soundly each and every night. Which is why we want to give you some ideas on how to... Read More

Finance Your Furniture to Create Your Dream Home!

Creating a space we love is something we all desire, but sometimes financial roadblocks can cause us to sit on a couch that isn’t our optimal choice, or sleep on a bed that delivers a lousy nights sleep, or eat from a dining room table that never offers enough seating... Read More

Adding Accent Furniture to Complete the Look of Your Home

Gone are the grey monochromatic months of winter, replaced by vibrant colours, lighter materials and fun new accessories; which Jag’s would like to suggest you introduce into your dwelling space as well. Because spring is a fun time to bring fresh life into your look – including the place you... Read More

Why Community Involvement Matters to Jag’s

At Jag’s, we are thrilled to be celebrating our 24th year in business, and with that – reflecting on what our success has meant to us, our customers and our community at large. As a locally owned and operated company, we know the importance of supporting other local businesses, and... Read More

Ensure You’re ‘Dining Room Ready’ for Easter

Gathering around the table with friends and family is what fond memories are made of, which makes purchasing the right table that suits your lifestyle an investment that will pay off for years to come. With this in mind, Jag’s wanted to share details about our top selling dining room... Read More

Your Home, Your Style, Your Way

Everyone embraces a different style; whether it’s a personal preference on how one chooses to dress, or the choices they make on how to decorate their home. Individual taste is exactly that – individual, based on lifestyle choices, comfort levels, budget and the message we want to send people. Which... Read More

Experience the Merge of Modern and Traditional Furniture Shopping!

Whether you are clothes shopping, house shopping, car shopping or furniture shopping – buying decisions come with certain motivations, while others tend to be on impulse. Which is why Jag’s has merged modern and traditional furniture shopping methods to enhance your buying experience, and help you ensure that you are... Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

We can likely all agree that gift giving has become increasingly difficult as the changing times become more related to technology and less about homemade sweaters, keepsake treasures, a collection of your child’s favourite books or a simple sought after toy. Which is why people are looking for new ways... Read More

Turn Your House a Home with These Furniture Buying Tips!

At Jag’s Furniture and Mattress, we’re big on helping our customers turn their house into a home. No matter the size of their space, their style preference or their budget, we aim to assist in creating the ideal house to call home for each individual. Your home should be your... Read More

Buy a Dining Room Set Made For Every Occasion

Nearly every month there seems to be a cause for celebration in Canada. Whether hosting Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas breakfast, Easter brunch, or a family birthday or anniversary, having the right dining room furniture to celebrate around is an important part of any festivity. Which is why it is important to... Read More

Finding the Right Sectional for Your Space

A sectional sofa is a popular choice among furniture buyers today. Whether purchasing a sectional as a means to save space, or the preferred tidy visual appeal they offer, sectionals are one of the top selling couches in the marketplace, which Jag’s would be thrilled to help you in “finding... Read More

Create Bedroom Bliss in 3 Easy Steps

Your resting place should be equal parts comfort and inspiration. Whether you enjoy downtime in your bedroom regrouping with a good book, or it provides you with an area kept specifically for slumber – making your bedroom a haven is both important and doable with these 3 easy steps! Set... Read More

The Benefits of Buying Local & Canadian Made Products

Investing in your local community is a great way to keep the economy thriving, receive excellent service, while also ensuring your purchase is a quality investment backed by a businesses that cares about their customers and the community in which they serve. As a Canadian owned, local business representing Kelowna,... Read More

Turn Furniture Buying Into a Timeless Investment

Buying timeless furniture is a combination of personal choice and quality, and Jag’s wanted to share with you how to combine both so that you can ‘Turn Furniture Buying Into a Timeless Investment’! Good vs. Great It has been said that “good is the enemy of great”, and we couldn’t... Read More

Jag’s Celebrates 23 Years in Business!

Jag’s Furniture & Mattress is proud to announce the celebration of our 23rd year in business, with unbeatable furniture sales throughout each of our showroom locations that you won’t want to miss! As a BC owned business, we are thrilled to have served the communities we call home, including: Kelowna,... Read More

Why Spring is an Excellent Time for a New Mattress

With the promise of spring in our near future across the Lower Mainland and within the Okanagan, everyone is gearing up for sunny skies, fresh flowers and renewed spirits. Such sights, smells and feelings tend to prompt the desire to clean out the garage, purge outdated clothing and assess household... Read More

How Updating Your Furniture Can Improve Your Lifestyle

At Jag’s Furniture and Mattress, we are passionate about helping our customers turn their house into a home. We do this by assisting them in picking out furniture pieces that will create their ideal custom space, enhancing their lifestyle by turning their living rooms into sanctuaries, their dining room into... Read More

Jag’s Offers You Restful Resolutions for the New Year!

The New Year is an excellent time to challenge yourself to create new healthy habits, and one of the best habits Jag’s thinks you and your family can do for yourselves is to begin having more restful nights sleep! The Necessity of a Good Sleep Sleep directly impact the goings... Read More

How To Create a Calming Bedroom Space for 2017

With a new year quickly approaching, many of us are choosing to take stock of our lives, questioning if there are any changes we would like to make to our lifestyle in order to better streamline our surroundings and the happiness we feel within that. Your bedroom is the ideal... Read More

Dinner Is Served! How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

Choosing a dining room table can be daunting for some. Between deciding on square, rectangle, round, wood, glass, metal – along with other shapes, height dimensions and building material, the choices can seem endless. At Jag’s Furniture and Mattress, we aim to provide our clients with a vast selection of... Read More

How To Bring Your Living Room To Life With Colour!

Whether choosing a pastel palette to sooth the soul, or wish to bring luxurious excitement to your living room with rich red leather, there are a variety of living room furnishing options at Jag’s Furniture & Mattress that deliver many fabric colours and styles to suit any taste.   Meet... Read More

How To Find the Right Mattress for an Optimal Nights Sleep

At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress, we offer a wide selection of Serta and Simmons brand name mattresses at the lowest guaranteed price, providing our customers various choices in comfort, size and features that are best suited to their sleeping needs. After all, when you spend roughly one third of your... Read More

The Difference ‘Canadian Made’ Makes

Having just celebrated Canada Day at the beginning of July, it is likely we can all appreciate the liberties, freedoms, culture and beauty that comes from what it means to be Canadian. And as a Canadian owned business, Jag’s is proud to provide our customers with many Canadian Made brand... Read More

The Benefits of Buying Brand Name Furniture

Buying brand name furniture often comes with a slightly higher price tag than generic brands, and although there is something to be said for frugal spending, there is also a lot of saving considerations and quality of life perspectives that come with buying brand name furniture we want to help... Read More

Functional and Fashionable Furniture for a Small Space!

Living in a more economical space is increasing in popularity as housing costs go up, land diminishes and home sizes overall become more efficient. However, a smaller space doesn’t need to mean you have to compromise on fashionable furniture, or functional pieces that make your home both look good, as... Read More

Canadian Furniture Crafted to Impress!

At Jag’s we aim to offer furniture that is beautifully crafted, timelessly designed, while being versatile and sure to impress!   We feel that it is important to support our local community, invest in Canadian industries, and provide our customers with a level of service and furniture unlike any other.... Read More

Staging Your Home for a Spring Sale with Keeper Furniture

Often time’s people invest in staging their home with items they rent, or cheap furniture they purchase with the intend to dispose of once their home sells. But what if you staged your house with fresh modern furnishings that you intended to take with you into your new home? Not... Read More

How To Create a Home You Love

A house is not a home unless you love your space, and it offers you a safe, comfortable and appealing haven in which to return to at the end of each day. So how does one go about creating a space they love, and turn their house into a home?... Read More

How To Affordably Refresh Your Space for 2016!

With each New Year, comes the anticipation of a fresh start. From health-driven endeavors, to revisiting your career choice, to setting out to be a better friend or partner, and even bettering your space in which you dwell …the New Year is the perfect time in which to refresh and... Read More

The Collective Effort of Community Care

At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress, we believe strongly in giving back to the community we have built our stores within. As a Canadian owned and operated company who thrives off of customers who choose to buy local, we feel it is both our privilege and our responsibility to play a... Read More

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