The Collective Effort of Community Care
At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress, we believe strongly in giving back to the community we have built our stores within. As a Canadian owned and operated company who thrives off of customers who choose to buy local, we feel it is both our privilege and our responsibility to play a part in charities that are local also, and to give back to a community that gives back to us!   Helping is a Group Effort   The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is one of the local charities we choose to support, and is an organization that has been actively serving families in their greatest time of need for well over 30 years.   The BCCHF works tirelessly to raise funds to support the Children’s Hospital, along with the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, and the Child & Family Research Institute.   This trio of care facilities has a variety of care intentions, but they are all backed with the singular mission to improve the health and lives of the young people who are cared for within these facilities.   How We Chose to Help This Past Year   Over the past year we have had the opportunity to bring our own support to this charity that thrives on exactly that - support.   Most recently, we provided a small sprinkling of cheer for the ‪BCCHF Christmas Tree from ‪Jags (as seen here).   Previous to that we were able to proudly presenting the ‪BCCHF with a $1000 donation cheque (as seen here) thanks to YOUR help!   As well, this past summer the ‪BCCHF allowed us to replace their 1984 couch set with one of our sofas for the waiting area (as seen here), delivering comfort to parents who need it at a pivotal time, along with donating and deliver a brand new leather sofa to the oncology unit (as seen here) for additional seating for added rest.   It’s a small part, but every bit helps …and we were thrilled we could do so!