Jag’s Offers You Restful Resolutions for the New Year!

The New Year is an excellent time to challenge yourself to create new healthy habits, and one of the best habits Jag’s thinks you and your family can do for yourselves is to begin having more restful nights sleep! The Necessity of a Good Sleep Sleep directly impact the goings on of your every day life, so getting a restful slumber is essential to everything – including school, work, your social life, how much energy you have for your hobbies etc. In fact, a Harvard Medical Report stated that “your body manages and requires sleep in much the same way that it regulates the need for eating, drinking, and breathing” – making sleep an imperative part of your wellbeing. The Affects of a Poor Sleep Inadequate sleeping patterns can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, aging, cognitive difficulties – among other things. So …How Does One Achieve a Better Sleep? Your ability to “shut down” is the first step to a better sleep. Taking time to wind down before bed is important, which means shutting off the computer, getting off your phone phone, and even turning off the TV at least a half hour before bed. This allows your mind (and retinal stimulation) to begin to shut down for sleep. Also, the right mattress will make a world of difference in your sleeping habits. Sometimes people do all the right things to quiet their minds and put themselves in a “sleepy state”, but if your mattress that it too firm, too soft, or too “jiggly” when your partner moves around at night, these kinds of factors can have you suffering from a poor sleep due to discomfort and abrupt interruptions to your natural sleeping cycles. A good nights sleep can literally help you live longer, look younger, lower your blood pressure, increase your mental awareness and improve your memory, as well as elevate your energy levels and keep your weight levels healthy. At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress we offer mattress shoppers the best selection to choose the perfect mattress. Our Simmons Beautyrest and Serta mattress galleries are the largest in the Lower Mainland as well as in the Okanagan, and with such a huge selection of mattresses for you to choose from - you’ll be certain to find the one that will give you a better sleep. All of our mattresses have the perfect blend of latest technology and comfort, guaranteed to give you a wonderful night’s rest this New Year and for years to come! So visit any one of our four Showroom locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kelowna or Langley to find a mattress that fits you.