Jag’s Offers Convenience and Affordability With Our Lexi “Bed-In-A-Box”!

Jag’s Offers Convenience and Affordability With Our Lexi “Bed-In-A-Box”!

Perhaps you live in a compact apartment and space is a factor, or you are purchasing your first home and require affordable furniture options. Or maybe you are seeking to furnish a guest bedroom or simply want an easy sleeping solution; our Lexi bed-in-a-box offers you the ideal comfort at incredibly affordable pricing, along with compact packaging that absolutely any vehicle can transport!

Bed-In-A-Box Explained

First off, there are two different bed sizes to choose from – the compact and increasingly affordable Lexi 8”, or our higher-end model for added comfort, while STILL being amazingly affordable – the Lexi 10.5”.

Either of these options are available in the traditional mattress sizes that you would find with any bed on the market, which includes: twin, double, queen and king. And all of these sizes come ready in a box that can fit in even the smallest of cars, making it an easy option for purchase and transport.

No more “making friends with someone who owns a truck”, or the added cost and inconvenience of renting a U-Haul; with the Lexi bed-in-a-box - you can leave either of our Jag’s locations with your new mattress in tow, hassle-free!

The Added Comfort of the Lexi 10.5

Looking for ultimate comfort, affordability and convenience? Our Lexi 10.5 mattress model comes with:

  • Double jacquard fabric (Ice Yarn)
    • 2.5” gel infused memory foam
    • 1.5” soft PU foam
    • 6.5” PU foam
    • Non-slip bottom
  • 10 year warranty*
    • 30 night comfort guarantee*

*(Terms and conditions apply, see in-store for details.)

PLUS – Do Not Pay for 6, 12 or 15 Months

At the regular price of only $698 for the Lexi 10.5, and the SALE PRICE currently at ONLY $593.30 for the summer, this mattress option is amazingly affordable for even the tightest budget.

However, if you prefer to defer your payments – our Jag’s Finance Card offers you the ability to pay in 6, 12 or 15 months, whichever option best suits your budget needs and comfort!

At Jag’s we believe that mattress shopping shouldn’t have to be stressful, complicated or priced out of your budget, which is why the Lexi bed-in-a-box is such an amazing addition to our Jag’s mattress selection – providing you with an excellent sleep option, while removing all hassle!