5 Surprising Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress, we seek to help each of our customers find the perfect mattress to suit their preferred, brand, size and comfort level. Which, as it turns out, has more benefits than just “beauty sleep”.

Curious to know more? Check out these ‘5 Surprising Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep’!

  1. TheGood Nights Sleep’ and Healthy Heart Link

Did you know that a lack of sleep could increase your blood pressure and add concern to your cholesterol levels. Both of which increase your chances of heart disease and/or stroke, making sleep - a literal lifesaver!

  1. Night Shift Workers and Cancer Concerns

Researchers have discovered that those working late night shifts have a higher risk of breast and colon cancer, which is due to a change in your melatonin levels. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep/wake cycles, and apparently, when you get adequate sleep at the right time of night, the body functions at its best!

  1. A Good Nights Sleep vs. Stress

Without sufficient rest, your body actually becomes stressed, creating high blood pressure and potential anxiety. This stress can lead to inflammation, and all circles back to heart-related concerns. Let’s avoid that shall we?

  1. A Better Sleep Allows for Increase Alertness

We can all likely attest to the fact that a good nights rest helps us feel more energized and alert. And that’s not actually just a “feeling” – it’s science! In addition to literally feeling more awake, it also helps you connect memories and process thoughts more soundly.

  1. Sleep is Connected to Weight Loss? Apparently!

Research also shows that those who sleep less than 7 hours a night have an increased chance of obesity. This is thought to be due to a hormone imbalance that regulates appetite, making sleepy time an important part of any weight loss routine!

At Jag’s Furniture & Mattress, we want our customers to be thrilled with any purchase they make from our Langley or Abbotsford furniture and mattress locations. Which is why we encourage them to come by and take a 10-minute catnap on one of our many mattresses in order to find the “just right” mattress for you.

It’s an important part of your mattress purchasing decisions, and we support the idea fully. Oh, but bedtime stories not included …see you soon!