Dinner Is Served! How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

Choosing a dining room table can be daunting for some. Between deciding on square, rectangle, round, wood, glass, metal - along with other shapes, height dimensions and building material, the choices can seem endless. At Jag’s Furniture and Mattress, we aim to provide our clients with a vast selection of quality made dining room tables at all of our showroom locations, and we are here to help you make a decision that is right for your dining needs – both now and in years to come. Decide the Main Purpose of Your Dining Table Although most would think a dining table is simply for eating on, it is actually a space utilized for many other things as well. Whether it doubles as a desk in your city condo, or offers you a crafting area in your country home, deciding on a dining table outside of its use for eating is an important factor to consider also. Consider Both Your Current and Future Space Buying a new table with every move can be costly, and although you might be living in a condo now – consider any pending plans to upgrade to a townhouse in the near future. Or perhaps you will be moving from your current family home into a smaller space very shortly, this factor is also important in choosing the right dining table for your home. Whether that means it needs to be adjustable in order to accommodate a growing family, or it is shaped to nestle nicely against the wall, take both your “now” and your “later” home space into consideration as best you can in order to save money down the road. Don’t Forget Chair Design and Comfort A dining table clearly needs chairs to complete its look and also provide seating options. Whether choosing bench-style seating for a family affair, prefer transparent acrylic chairs for a more modern appeal that offers your small dining area a more spacious look, or want to ramp up your comfort with a padded fabric variety of chairs, this is also something to envision for your home as it pertains to the final look and feel of your dining area. With October being a time for Thanksgiving feasts around the family table, and Christmas coming up on its heals, knowing the type of comfort you want to provide for friends and family during times like these is perhaps the final element in deciding on the perfect table for your home, and one that we look forward to helping you decide on. Stop by any of our Jag’s location in Langley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Kelowna, and take a look at the quality we provide and the options we deliver. We know you will be thrilled with our dining table selection, and will be eager to tell your friends or family “dinner is served!” to show off your new furniture purchase!