The Benefits of Buying Brand Name Furniture
Buying brand name furniture often comes with a slightly higher price tag than generic brands, and although there is something to be said for frugal spending, there is also a lot of saving considerations and quality of life perspectives that come with buying brand name furniture we want to help you understand!   Spend Now, Save Later   Although spending less upfront may seem like savings in your pocket, the truth of the matter is, is that cheaper furniture is exactly that – cheap. Often made from synthetic materials and unable to withstand day to day wear and tear for long periods of time, generic furniture will break down more quickly and start to look worn out just as quickly.   Whereas, a quality piece of name brand furniture can truly last a lifetime. Which means, even though you may spend a little more up front, there are no replacement costs that will reoccur every few years. So ironically, spending slightly more initially will actually result in you saving more over time.   Choose Timeless Pieces and Buy Furniture at Competitive Prices   At Jag’s, we pride ourselves in offering timeless furniture from a variety of name brand manufacturers that we hand select during our attendance to major furniture shows in North America every year. These name brands including: Palliser, Ashley, Elite Sofa Designs, Stylus and Simmons Beautyrest mattress sets …and more.   Although we offer such high-end name brands such as these, we have the benefit of volume buying, which allows us to pass on additional savings of up to 30-40% less than other stores offering these same brand names, which we then pass on to our customers – offering them a quality buying experience!   Quality Furniture = Quality Lifestyle   It’s true that there are a variety of things one can purchase in life at a lower cost that will have no impact on their quality of life. Whether that is a generic line of food products, or an outfit for a night out – these types of things will not have an impact on the enjoyment of your day-to-day living.   However, when it comes to your home furnishings, this is where your happiness begins and ends. From dining with friends on a quality real wood table and comfortable seating, to your living room couch where you and the family gather for movie nights, all the way to your bedroom mattress where a good nights sleep is imperative to your productivity and well-rested reality. All these buying decisions actually impact the quality of your life experience, and can make the difference between enjoyable and sub-par, as it pertains to buying a generic piece of furniture vs. a quality name brand selection.   With furniture showrooms in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kelowna and Langley, our customers can rely on Jag’s for outstanding selection and customer service, feeling assured that their quality purchase will be a benefit for years to come!